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USS Ponchatoula Shipmates Association

AOG 38   AO 148   TAO 148

Painting by Huntzinger, 2003, copyrighted.

Commissioned by the USS Ponchatoula Shipmates Association and presented to the City of Ponchatoula, LA.



USS Ponchatoula
Shipmates Association
Association History


Frequently Asked Questions


Who can join the USS Ponchatoula Shipmates Association?

A. Anyone that has served aboard the USS Ponchatoula (AOG-38), (AO-148), or (TAO-148) as US Naval or Maritime personnel may apply for membership. 

How much does it cost to join?

A. The membership dues is $10.00 per year, and is payable at minimum for a two year enlistment ($20.00), up to a maximum of 5 years in advance.    

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

A. Members receive an association newsletter and membership roster two times per year. 


The shipmates roster lists the members name, address, phone, e-mail, dates served on the Ponchatoula, spouses name, and rank/rate.


Shipmates reunions are usually held every-other year in different locations throughout the USA. 


The USS Ponchatoula Website is available to anyone that has access to the internet.  The website is frequently updated with new information and photos, and with links to other interesting and valuable information on the internet. 


What do you do at the shipmates reunions?

A. Many of the activities that are planned for the reunions are dependent upon the location of the reunion, and what is available at that location.  We always have a hospitality room in the hotel where we can gather to share sea stories, share photographs that shipmates bring with them, purchase USS Ponchatoula shirts and hats, and enjoy snacks and beverages that are usually offered on the honor system by paying for what you consume (very reasonably priced).  Many of the shipmates bring their spouse with them to the reunions and we encourage you to do the same.  Some of the activities that have been offered at previous reunions include:  Live entertainment shows (Las Vegas, Branson, MO., and on the Caribbean cruise).  Sightseeing, shopping, golfing, gambling, and tours, as well as free time to just relax.  While we were in Bremerton, WA, we had a wonderful tour of a destroyer that many of us Ponchatoula sailors refueled, USS Turner Joy (DD-951).


We have a dinner and business meeting on the last evening of the reunion to have a farewell get together, and to conduct the election of new officers, review the treasurers report, hear a report from the secretary.  We discuss and select the location for the reunion two years in the future.


How many members are in the Shipmates Association?

A. The number fluctuates as we receive new shipmates into the association, and sadly loose some due to passing away, or failure to renew their membership.  The number of shipmates in the shipmates association is about 200 (as of November 2017).