USS Ponchatoula Shipmates Association

AOG 38   AO 148   TAO 148



Painting by Huntzinger, 2003, copyrighted.

Commissioned by the USS Ponchatoula Shipmates Association and presented to the City of Ponchatoula, LA.


Our Past President, PF Hammond, obtained this set of close up pictures of the Ponchatoula in dry dock at Mare Island
Shipyard.  She was there to have her hull cleaned for decontamination before taking her on to the open ocean.

USS Ponchatoula at Mare Island Shipyard

The page you are going to was produced by USS Kawishiwi plank owner Vern Bouwman.  Vern Bouwman is the
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When you get to the page you will see a map of the Ponchatoula's voyage south along the coast.  The small rectangular
boxes below the map are the links that tell the story of  the Ponchaoula departing San Francisco.

One more thing.  The video takes 3 to 5 minutes to load, so be patient, go get a cup of coffee and it will come up.

USS Ponchatoula's last voyage

These pictures are taken by Shipmate and Photographer Phillip Jones as the
Ponchatoula's last voyage comes to an end.

USS Ponchatoula at Brownsville, Texas