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Painting by Huntzinger, 2003, copyrighted.

Commissioned by the USS Ponchatoula Shipmates Association and presented to the City of Ponchatoula, LA.

Sea Stories and other "B S"


If you have a story you would like to share, submit it to me (Dave Schneider, Webmaster) for consideration.  I'm sure your shipmates would enjoy it.  However, I must reserve the right to edit or reject any material submitted.


"Letter from the 'ol gal"   by Rich Palmer BM2

Rich Palmer served as a Boatswain's Mate aboard the Ponchatoula from August of 1966 to 1968.  Rich recently wrote this touching piece from the ship's point of view.  It is a must read.


"Close to Home"   by Paul Boos

Paul and his wife Margaret live in northern California and raise sheep.  We have all heard of "join the Navy and see the world.  Will, Paul had a hard time making that happen.  Read his interesting story.


"Naval Days"     by John L. Jordan

John Jordan was a Ponchatoula shipmate.  John passed away a few years ago.  If he had known about our Association I am sure he would have joined.  His son Alex contacted me and asked if I would be interested in posting a memoir that his father had written about his days in the Navy and when he served aboard the Ponchatoula.  I read it and loved it, I'm sure you will too, all 36 pages of it! 


"Westward Ho!"     By Bob Collins
"Man Overboard"

"To the Rescue"

Bob Collins was a 3rd class signal man when the man overboard incident occurred.  This story is also told from the perspective of one of the men in the boat, in the "Naval Days" story.  Bob went on to become a Master Chief and served his country for 35 years!



"Ponchatoula and Me"     by PF Hammond

PF Hammond served in the Ponchatoula from January 1958 until July 1959.  PF was a 3rd Class Personnelman and Postal Clerk.   Along with his wife Bobbi he took over the leadership of our association and ran it single handed
for 9 years!  If it were not for PF and Bobbi  there would not be a USS Ponchatoula Shipmates Association as we know it.



Sun Tans, Typhoon Pamela and Snow    by Barry Litchfield
Pilot Recovery Story
Pilot Recovery Letters

Barry Litchfield served in the Ponchatoula as a Seaman until he was transferred off and sent to school to become a Navy Photographer.  To this day he still earns his living as a professional photographer.  Barry is also the association's official photographer and the majority of the pictures on this website were taken by him.  Since 2007 he has also served as the associations hard working Secretary.



A Plank Owner's Adventure    by Donald Duderstadt

Donald Duderstadt spent his first 3 years in the Navy aboard the Ponchatoula.  It happens that the Ponchatula spent it's first 3 years with Donald.  For you see, Donald is a plank owner.  Donald went on to serve his country for an additional 20 years


"Making Morning Coffee"     by Anonymous

Read this little story and you'll understand the title at the top of this page.


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